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Review one of the remaining Evidence-Based Practices described on the Autism Internet ModulesCurrent or future


Review one of the remaining Evidence-Based Practices described on the Autism Internet Modules Current or future practitioners in the field need to be familiar with the most effective interventions for students with ASD as well as the most popular.   Autism Internet Modules (AIM) website features content from experts on ASD across the nation on topics including assessment and identification, characteristics, evidence-based practices and interventions, transition to adulthood, and employment. Students are to select one of the remaining Evidence-Based Practices described on the Autism Internet Modules and complete a summary of the intervention and its generalized value to children with ASD. Students must provide the professor with a list of their 3 preferred topics of Evidence-Based Practices for a final assignment. 
This summary should address the following: 1.)   Description of the intervention (3 points): Overview, identified by who as an EBP, treatment classification and variables (treatment targets, age group, etc)
2.)   Subject Knowledge (3 points): Review of the perceived effectiveness of the intervention, including questions you would pose to help families and professionals decide whether or not this intervention method is appropriate for a child with ASD; Provide Autism Internet Module assessment questions and corresponding answers.                   3.)   Critique of Intervention (3 points): Description of its strengths and weaknesses in relationship to Evidence-Based Practices and factors of comprehensive interventions from class notes/text/videos.  4.)   ASD profile (3 points): Provide a profile of a child with ASD who might respond best to this intervention with an explanation of why. 5.)   Resources (3 points): Provide a list of valuable resources for families/professionals  


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