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revise or editing or rewriting my cover letter and resume


29Jan 2022 by

Basically, revise my cover letter and my resume makes it professional and add some keywords.  
cover letter

I am very interested in the internship with CoBank’s Credit Finance Internship position currently posted on the UC Davis internship website. I am eager to apply my enthusiasm, skills, and experience as an employee and teammate to benefit CoBank during the summer. I am a Junior at the University of California, Davis, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics with a minor in Accounting. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics with a minor in accounting has enabled me to attend various accounting and finance courses directly related to CoBank’s Credit Finance internship position. These courses have prepared me to generate income statements and balance sheets, cash flows, oversee accounts payable and receivable, and work extensively with excel for budget and analyses. I have gained professional experience in project management and cross-culture teamwork and can work independently and as part of a team. I am confident that my accounting and management experience and my matching values, skills, and vital interests in the goals have prepared me to be a strong intern for your program. Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials. I have attached my resume and look forward to hearing from you shortly to discussing my qualifications with you. Thank you for your consideration 


University of California, Davis, expected June 2022
Bachelor of Managerial Economics with a minor in Accounting
GPA 3.00, Major GPA 3.4
Knowledge of Accounts payable software, Income statement, cash flows, Accounts receivable
Excellent ability to work on independently and as part of a team
Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel
Bilingual English- Mongolian, Russian
2017-2018 Accounting assistant, Khaan Bank, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Maintained knowledge of financial accounting
Answered questions regarding economic transactions
Greeted customers and provide useful financial information about the reporting entity to potential
Work on projects regarding data analysis
2018-2019(Summer) Server, Jang Soo BBQ, San Francisco, CA
2019-2020(Summer) Server, Kushi Tsuri, San Francisco, CA
Maintained knowledge of proper customer service
Cooperated with the servers and manager to determine best service to provide
Speaking with customer to their comfortable language
Volunteer as a team member for marathon (2017-2019)
Dance company dance leader (2015-2018)
Varsity basketball team member (2015-2018)
2012 Asian World dance championship
2009-2012 Mongolian national dance Championship

2018 Mongolian basketball championship, MPV


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