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Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Final Draft


Rhetorical Analysis Blog Assignment Description 
A rhetorical analysis means that you break down an argument into its separate parts and closely examine the way that an article or argument is constructed. For this assignment, you will critique the strongest and/or weakest parts of one argument by comparing it with another. I will subtly hint that sometimes it is easier to take the one-sided stance instead of trying to tackle both. If you are confident in your ability to express both strengths and weaknesses in the same paper, then be my guest.
For example:
“So and so’s argument possesses greater strength than…and here’s why.”
“So and so’s argument is weaker than…and here’s why.”
“I see advantages and disadvantages in both arguments…and here’s why.”
Audience: Your audience for your analysis will be your instructor and your classmates. Why are these presented arguments relevant to your audience?
Organization & Development
The articles have been chosen for you. (You will find them below.) Be sure to download each PDF. 
 Lion King–Appropriation.pdf  Download Lion King–Appropriation.pdf 
Moana–Appropriation.pdf  Download Moana–Appropriation.pdf 
Paper Requirements:

An introduction that indicates the general context of the two texts (topic, audience, publication information, etc.) and includes a clear and specific thesis statement as your last sentence indicating what you consider to be the most significant points of contrast or comparison of the arguments in the texts.
A brief summary of each text to provide specific context for your analysis.
An analysis of each text that considers all four of the following rhetorical appeals: 

Logic (Logos), Emotion (Pathos), & Credibility (Ethos).

An evaluation of the texts that indicates which one you consider to be more convincing and why. It does not matter whether or not you agree with the author’s stance on the issue. Objectively discuss which author makes the most effective argument.

Overall Strategies:

This paper should be between 1,000-1,250 words
Include at least two in-text citations from the texts you used. CITE any included texts both in-text and on a Works Cited page. 
To improve credibility with your audience, avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.
Include proper MLA citation for both articles (two citations total).


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