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scenario 3 – Smart Custom Essays


Using the scenario below, answer the following:

Using consequential, rule-based, and character theories, evaluate Hank’s options.
What should Hank do? Why?

Hank Krendle, account manager for Craven Marketing, believes that Jason Krueger is a great candidate for promotionJason has consistently met the expectations set for his position, has initiated cost-saving procedures, and is a consummate team player. Jason has met with Hank regularly to make certain that hes on target for advancement, and Hank has encouraged Jason that his productivity and ability to lead make him an excellent candidate. The team with which Jason currently works collaborates very well, and Hank believes that Jason has the skills to become a competent manager and to go grow and develop within the company.
Just as Hank is set to make his recommendations to his boss to consider Jason for a newly opened account manager position, he becomes aware that Jasons team is next scheduled to work on the Maxim Factory account, which is one of Cravens largest clients. Hank worked hard to earn that account for his section, and Jason and his team are the best people at Craven to get the work done efficiently. Hank knows that the people in his department are all capable, but Jason is really the stand-out, and certainly the only person who can manage this complex and high-profile project to the satisfaction of the management team at Maxim Factory.
If Hank recommends Jason for the account managers position, it would leave his team without his invaluable talents. However, Hank has been promising Jason that he would fully back him for the next opening. If Hank holds off recommending Jason for this current opening, there may not be another for quite some time. Is it fair to overlook Jason for something he has worked so hard to get? That could really hurt Jasons career advancement. But, is it fair not to give Maxim the best possible attention? Maxim is one of Cravens largest and oldest clients.


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