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ScenarioYour hospital received $4,000,000 in revenue this past year. Medicare withholds 2.6% of this


Your hospital received $4,000,000 in revenue this past year. Medicare withholds 2.6% of this amount ($) until the value-based purchasing scores are in. If the scores are good this year, the hospital will earn back this money. If scores are below the national average, the hospital can lose this money. Twenty five percent (25%) of this score is based upon the Community Engagement patient satisfaction score (HCAHPS). Last year’s patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS) in the following areas were below the national average, which cost your hospital $398,000 in revenue.
The hospital director of Quality Improvement has asked you to participate in developing a nursing action plan for your facility.
Prepare a nursing action plan in poster format for improving one of the following key areas that:
Selects one key area of focus:
Communication with nurses
Communication with physicians
Responsiveness of hospital staff
Communication about medications
Cleanliness and quietness
Discharge information
Care transition
Examines nursing actions to achieve optimal scores to contribute to the hospital’s financial success.
Provides a list of recommended nursing actions to improve the selected key area.
Appraises references/resources for best practices to increase score and enhance reimbursement.
Communicates the rationale for the nursing actions listed in the action plan.
Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar in the action plan poster.

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