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schizophrenia Disorders paper – unicorp essays


21Jan 2022 by

Please do schizophrenia
Application of Psychological Disorders
For this assignment, you should carefully read the chapter on Psychological Disorders.  Then you should apply one of the psychological disorders you have read about to a character in a fictional movie, TV program, or book (comic book character is acceptable too) you have seen or read.  You can use any disorder discussed in the chapter (please dont choose substance abuse disorders for this paper). You will type a one page summary of the character, to orient the reader (i.e., me) to what film/show/book you are reviewing. And then, you will then type a 3-4 page analysis of this character using your knowledge from the chapter. Thus, the entire paper should be 4-5 pages total (not including the references page). Also, be sure to discuss why you believe the character has the disorder, the role of nature vs. nurture in this disorder’s development, AND how you think this character might be best helped as well as how you might help this person if it were a friend of yours. Keep in mind that I may not have seen the movie or TV show you are discussing, so please describe the character in enough depth that I will be able to understand your paper. Be creative and have fun analyzing! 
Your analysis of the character should come from information from at least 5 sources. Of those 5 sources,  THREE of them must be empirical journal articles. An empirical journal article reports on a study the researchers conducted. The article will have an abstract, a methods section, and a results section, so if you don’t see those headings in the article, then it’s NOT empirical.   Make sure to cite your sources throughout the paper and include a references page, or else it is plagiarism and you will receive a failing grade for the assignment.
Checklist (make sure that you include all of the following in your paper):

Decide what character and disorder you plan to discuss in your paper.
Find at least three empirical journal articles on your topic. Other professional sources may be used but don’t use too many websites. You should plan to have at least 5 total sources, with 3 of those being empirical journal articles.
Read about this disorder from these sources youve found.
Write a summary of the character, to orient the reader (i.e., me) to what film/show/book you are discussing.  No more than one page needed for this section.
Write about which characteristics he or she possesses that makes you think he/she has the specific disorder you are discussing. Include citations and info from at least 2 of your sources.
Write about whether you think this character was born with this disorder or developed it (nature vs. nurture) based on your readings.  Include citations and info from at least 2 of your sources.  This should be based on the research you found and not on your opinion. 
Write about how you think this character might be best helped.  Include citations from at least 2 of your sources and info from your sources.  
Write about whether you think this disorder was portrayed accurately or whether there was a lot of “Hollywood” in the movie? What aspects seemed more accurate and what aspects seemed less accurate? 
Write about how you might help a friend or loved one if they were struggling with this disorder. Remember you are not a therapist so you should not be giving advice or acting in this role. But what CAN you do to help this person? 
Include your APA style references page at the end (not included in the page length requirement).
Make sure you cited your sources throughout the paper in APA style. Info on APA style can be found on (Links to an external site.) or handouts from the library as well as the document I posted in our course site.
Check out the sample paper and the rubric so that you know what I’m looking for! 

Examples of disorders:
Split: Dissociative Identity Disorder
A Beautiful Mind: Paranoid Schizophrenia
Monica on Friends: OCD
“Silver Linings Playbook”: PTSD

The info below will help you know what I am looking for when I grade your paper. 
Written Paper (checked items indicate errors)
____    Didnt cite frequently enough (must cite after every sentence from another source)
____    Attempted to cite but didnt always cite correctly (APA style)
____    Did not cite sources in body of paper. This is PLAGIARISM and you lose many points
____    Some spelling/grammar/punctuation/capitalization errors (or used informal contractions such as “don’t”, “isn’t” etc). 
____    Formatting errors (font, margins, etc)
____    Paper is not thorough enough
____    Shows a lack a full understanding of the disorder
____    Could integrate more research or factual information in describing symptoms (didn’t cite enough studies)
____    Could integrate more research or factual info when answering nature/nurture question    (didn’t cite enough studies)
____    Could integrate more research or factual info when discussing treatment (didn’t cite enough studies)
____    Not thorough enough in covering the “Hollywood” question; needed to show more critical thinking when answering this question.
____   Not enough information on how you would help a friend 
____    Some errors on references page (e.g., alphabetize, include first initial but not 1st name, References, not bibliography or works cited etc)
____    Did not use enough sources (need several empirical journal articles)
____    Subheadings would be useful to help organize information
____    Too many direct quotes– better to paraphrase to show understanding of material. I don’t want to see very many direct quotes. Paraphrase whe


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