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Screenings and vaccinations – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

Discussion Question:
The CDC and Healthy People 2020 continue to educate on the importance, the improved ease of access and insurance coverage for screenings and vaccinations. It is the responsibility of nurses to engage our ageing adults in self-advocating for services that benefit the individual and community health. How can you, as a registered nurse, impact older adults to encourage routine vaccination? What impact does this have on the community as a whole?
Please reply to your classmate’s post below. Replies to classmates should be at least 200 words in length, citing one source.
DQ1 CLO 7According to (Doherty et al., 2018) Older adults typically suffer elevated morbidity from infectious disease, leading to increased demand for healthcare resources and higher healthcare costs. Preventive medicine, including vaccination can potentially play a key role in preserving the health and independence of older adults. However, this potential of widespread vaccination is rarely realized. The education needed to influence elders is twofold. Is the information regarding the vaccines and the importance being provided by a respectful and trustworthy source? There is a generational component to vaccines and while most remember the smallpox disease impact and the process of vaccination and its value, there are those younger elders that may not understand or have had any familiarity with how vaccines impact community health.
In addition, (Doherty et al., 2018) also states worldwide, populations are aging due to ever increasing life expectancy. The United Nations estimates that 15% of the worlds population will be over the age of 60 years by 2025 and that this proportion will rise to well over 20% by 2050. The strain on the integrity of the healthcare system and the financial burden to the infrastructure with add significantly to the burden of impact on the healthcare system as whole.
Healthy aging requires a holistic view of the many components needed to enhance ones life to avoid health discord from preventable diseases. As nurses according to (Weinmayr et al., 2019) developing a vaccination campaign was developed by healthcare members, a practice-based approach was chosen. The campaign included resources for the practices like a vaccination checklist and training of educators and nurses. Patients had been informed by posters, educational material (flyers) in the primary provider practices, trusted physician interviews on local TV and a newspaper article both of which were about the importance of vaccination. This is the responsibility of all people, including healthcare clinicians, nurses, the media, and other stakeholders including insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to assist with widespread information campaigns. As a nurse in my specialty area, I do not encounter elders, however I encounter those who could easily infect elders. However, if I did, I would pair up with the primary providers to piggyback on their patient appointment and monopolize on the trusted relationship with the provider to provide additional education to ensure the patient understood informed consent, type of vaccine, value to them and the community, and side effects. Effect on the community is significant, each nurse sharing accurate verifiable information surrounding vaccines can impact the community one person at a time. With the increase of vaccination for any transmissible disease there is an impact on the healthcare system. Less sick patients equal less sick hospital admits and less drain on healthcare resources. (Sullivan et al., 2019)
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