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Section 1. Literature Review Write a synopsis of your literature review in the f


Section 1. Literature ReviewWrite a synopsis of your literature review in the form of an annotated bibliography. This is a brief review of your sources relating to your subject of interest, industry, challenge/problem for which you’re solving, and/or anything else about the literature that feeds directly into your project. (Note: It’s likely that you will continue research through next week.)Section 2. Preliminary Research FindingsWhat are your preliminary research findings? If you found it necessary to send out a survey, check on participation statistics. Send out a reminder and begin closing out the survey. Once it’s closed, begin compiling the data. You will come up with insights within the next two weeks.If you did find any preliminary “aha” statistics from the survey, feel free to include them in your paper.Section 3. Treatment: What Are You Solving For?Based on your literature review and the data you are seeing in your survey (if applicable), begin creating a “treatment” or general story framework that will outline how your research supports, or points to, a need or solution. This is what you are solving for.While your treatment will likely be short and very high level at this point, consider what you’re “solving for,” or trying to achieve with the project, and how you’re dealing with the issue or challenge that the literature or research identifies. Your treatment may take a variety of forms, depending on your chosen project, from a flowchart to simply a written outline, but start putting the framework around your project.Other Sources:Oreta, A. W. C. (2020). ENGAGING STUDENTS IN AN ONLINE CLASSROOM USING CANVAS1.Puette, S. (2016). Evaluating the Impact of a Canvas Training Module on Teacher Knowledge of Instructional Practices.


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