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26Jan 2022 by

For your paper, please choose 2 or 3 of the following topics
to research and write a report to me.

Allowance for Doubtful

CARES Act (effects on
government reporting from the CARES Act of 2020)

Compensated Absences


Derived Tax Revenues



Property Tax Revenues



To get to the research information, please follow the
instructions below. 

Go to

From the main topics on
the home page, select Reference Library.

Click on Academics.

Select the bar with “What
GASB Research and Teaching Resources are Available?

Under Governmental
Accounting Research System, click on GARS Online

On lower left side, under
Access Basic View, mark “I’m not a Robot” box

Click on Access Basic
View; click I Accept

To find your topic, Click
on Topical Index (left side list); click on the icon before “front matter”
at the top to get to the topical index. 
Select your topic by the alphabetical order.





Follow the instructions
above to get the information for the project.


Prepare a well written report
to me concerning your topics.  At a minimum
your report should include:

The definition of your

How to account for your

Issues or concerns
related to your topic

Special requirements
concerning your topic

Implementation questions
concerning your topic

Note:  You do not need to use
these requirements as section headings in your report.  They are written in a format from me to


Your report should be 5-8 pages in length (excluding title, contents,
and reference list pages), double-spaced. 





1.     Draft
report turned in


2.     Report:  Accurately discuss the issue(s)


3.     Report:  Writing skills – grammar, conciseness,
business tone, etc.


4.     Report:  Sections as described below


Total Points 




Your report should include the following sections:


Title page

Table of Contents page


Research Topic 1

Research Topic 2

Research Topic 3  (optional)


Reference list page




Source link


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