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Service Management Week 2 Discussion – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

these three articles are chosen to provide you with insight into this course, guest services management in the hospitality and tourism industry.  Bowen & Ford’s (2002) article gives you a comprehensive overview of service management. You will see that many concepts/terms from this article reappear in various other readings throughout the semester.   Heskett et al’s SPC (2008) is a classic theory in service management.  Although the theory is quite intuitive for many hospitality managers, you will be able to see how customer satisfaction/loyalty and employee satisfaction/loyalty are interrelated, which is an overarching theme of our course.  Finally, Kwortnik et al (2009) deal with a very unique aspect of hospitality service management, tipping.  Through this article, you can learn how a specific phenomenon is theorized (explained by theory) and demonstrated (evidenced by findings). 

You are expected to read the assigned articles and discuss the topic(s) based on your knowledge gained from the readings.  For Module #1, there are 3 article sections and you should participate in all 3 article sections  whether they be comments, questions

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