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Sexual Assault- False Reports – Smart Custom Essays


Create a 1000 word discussion based on the information in the files and the information below.
Unit 5 Special TopicsAs was mentioned earlier sex assault investigations cover a wide breadth of different incidents that fall under this classification. It would be impossible to cover all of these in a single course. In this unit, we are going to explore a few of the more common and interesting topics. These will include false allegations, a common but extremely sensitive topic all investigators are accustomed to deal with. In addition, we will study collateral material, drug-facilitated sexual assaults, and the sexual sadist.
At the end of this unit you should be able to:Explain Drug Facilitated Sex AssaultsDiscuss sexual sadists and their motivesDebate the legalities and practical considerations to false allegationsPlease complete the below-listed items for this unit:Read the attached text lectureView the PowerPointRead Chapters 11,22Review the attached article: Intoxicating Encounters: Allocating Responsibility in the Law of RapeParticipate in the discussion
False AllegationsA common subject throughout this course has been false allegations of sexual assault. This is a topic troublesome on a number of fronts. For one, it drains valuable time and resources from law enforcement. In some cases, it creates great stress, inconvenience, and embarrassment for the accused. However, with the difficulty in the lack of reporting combined with the emotional damage to an actual sex assault victim it is a difficult process to confront or make an issue when investigators believe the report is false.
False reports usually occur in three instances. First, to cover for an affair or other case of poor judgment. Secondly, it happens for revenge. Lastly, it is a cry for attention. The cry for attention is often coupled with a mental illness or other distressing circumstance in the life of the accuser.
In the state of Pennsylvania as well as most others it is illegal to make a false report to a police department as well as to falsely accuse another of committing a crime. Should accusers who file a false report of sexual assault be criminally charged for their crimes?


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