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Short Story Essay – Smart Custom Essays


Write an organized and well-developed essay on one of the following topics. Essays should be at least five paragraphs, with a developed argument throughout that is supported by correctly cited evidence from the text. All topics require the use of secondary source material.

Identify a theme or idea common to all three stories. Write an essay describing how OConnor treats this theme. Support your argument with evidence from all three stories. 
All three stories are about revelations of one kind or another. How do these three revelations relate to each other? Back up your argument with evidence from the three stories.  
Comment on OConnors use of humor in the three stories. How does comedy help her to say what she wishes to say?  

Essays should be at least five paragraphs, with a developed argument throughout that is supported by 3 correctly cited evidence from each text.

There should be no sources used or consulted outside of the textbook. Any deviation from that will be considered plagiarism.  

Grading Table


Unacceptable (0)

Unsatisfactory (1)

Emerging (2)

Proficient (3)

Exemplary (4)

Quality of response, including meeting the required length

0 Points

No submission.

1 Point

Essay does not on topic, is unrelated to the assignment, or  demonstrates poor preparation and lacks substance.

2 Points

Essay  does not adequately address the question posed in the prompt either by length or substance.

3 Points

Essay responds to prompt but does so in a summary or surface manner. It also meets the length requirement.

4 Points

Essay   demonstrates insightful reflection and satisfies all requirements.

Use of textual evidence

0 Points

No reference to any course reading.

1 Point

Makes reference to assigned readings but makes no attempt to cite the source. Does not include the use of secondary sources.

2 Points

Quotes, paraphrases, or summarizes from the text, but citations or punctuation do not conform to an acceptable citation format.

3 Points

Properly cites and incorporates (i.e.,  using MLA) textual evidence.

4 Points
Perfectly synthesizes evidence using a variety of paraphrase, summary, and quotation in proper format.

Language and grammar, including using vocabulary from the text

0 Points

No essay.

1 Point

Poorly written essay including frequent spelling, structural, grammatical errors, or the use of slang. It does not use vocabulary from text.

2 Points

Communicates in a collegial manner with some spelling, grammatical, or structural errors. It does not demonstrate an understanding of vocabulary from text.

3 Points

Contributes information with minor spelling, grammatical, or structural errors. Makes use of vocabulary from the text.

4 Points

No spelling, structural, or grammatical errors in response. Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments in an organized manner with learned vocabulary.


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