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social work – unicorp essays


Numerous skills and techniques are essential to the worker-client relationship and helping process. In what ways can what the social worker says or does impact the client?    Give an example of a situation in your life in which communication negatively or positively impacted your relationship.  How did you respond or handle the situation,and what was the outcome?
Discussions Instructions
A discussion involves responding to a prompt topic, and  to other students.

To respond directly to a topic, click the “Reply” bar below the topic.
To respond to an existing comment, click the “Reply” link at the bottom left of the comment you are responding to.
Type your response in the Reply text box. You can use the toolbar to check for spelling (highly recommended), format your text, or add a link.
When your comments are ready click on the “Post Reply” button at the bottom right.

Note:It is strongly recommended that you write your responses in a word processing program (e.g. Word, Pages, OpenOffice) and save them before copying and pasting into the Reply text box, so that you have a back-up in case of browser or connection error.


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