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Society and Social Media – unicorp essays


Your paper should be 2-4 double-space pages. Type each question with the answer following.

Which video did you watch? Answer: The Creepy Line Video
What were some of the dangerous human impacts of social networking as discussed in the video?
What is fake news? How does it work? How can we deal with it? 
In the Creepy Line video:

       What is the Creepy Line?
       What is confirmation bias?
       What psychological (news feed) experiment did Facebook conduct on their users?
       What concerns were discussed about using Gmail, and Google?

What was your overall impression of the video?
Specifically, what do you agree with? What do you disagree with?
Do you plan to change the way you deal with social media after watching this video?
If we continue with this pace, what do you see happening ten years from now with technology? 
What can we do to improve these social media issues?

This assignment is due on Sunday, October 10th.

The link to “The Creepy Line”


Source link


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