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Choose a subculture or counterculture(10 points), and using the six elements of culture, research your group and share your research in a PowerPoint presentation. The six elements are: symbols(10 points), language(10 points), values(10 points), norms(10 points), beliefs(10 points), and material culture(10 points). Presentations will need to meet the following requirements: (1) You are required to have a minimum of 15 informative slides. You can have a maximum of 22 slides(10 Points). (2) Your presentation must contain at least 1 informational chart, graph, or table(10 points). Remember visual component- such as a video- an interview, or video of the subculture in social media,  an audio podcast, a graph/chart that illustrates the sbculture for example, an article about thesubculture- are examples to consider– you will also include/explain this visual in your presentation n the notes area. If you decide to embed a media source into your presentation – make sure it is done correctly so that it is viewable. Media that does not play correctly will be counted off.

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