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State Legislators – Smart Custom Essays


WHO REPRESENTS YOU IN THE TEXAS STATE LEGISLATURE?TOTAL VALUE = 10 pointsThis assignment will familiarize students with their elected representatives in the U. S. House of Representatives and in the Texas State Legislature.RELEVANT WEBSITE: (Links to an external site.)This URL will take you to the “Texas Legislature Online”.On the right side of your computer screen, locate the “Who Represents Me?” box.Enter the appropriate data for your home address. Click “Submit”.Identify your representative in the U. S. House of Representatives, your State House Representative, and your State Senator. These should be the top three (3) names listed on that page. For this assignment, please ignore the two U. S. Senators who represent Texas. If more than one name is listed and you do not know which legislator represents the address you provided, please provide information for only ONE of the names listed for the specific office.Click on the name of each of the legislators (U. S. House, State House, State Senate to locate the information requested below.Give the LOCAL DISTRICT office address and phone number for Your State Senator and your State Representative. There is no need to provide the address of the Austin office. For your member of Congress, use the STATE district office that is closest to your home. There is no need to provide the address of the Washington, D. C. office.The following points apply to the State Representative and State Senator ONLY. There is no need to provide occupational, educational, or district data on your member of the U. S. House of Representatives.Find the occupation and educational background of your State Senator and State Representative. When was each lawmaker first elected to his / her current position? For State Senators, this information will appear on the legislator’s home page. For members of the Texas House of Representatives, click on the “Biography” tab.From the House member’s homepage, find the “District Analyses” column, and choose the “District Profile Reports” link.For your Senator’s information, choose the “District Information” link located at the top of his/her homepage and then select the “District Profile” link. Locate the following information for your state house AND senate districts. Again, there is no need to provide this information for your representative in the U. S. House.What percentage of your house and senate district is comprised of persons with a bachelor’s degree or higher? What percentage of your house and senate district is comprised of persons who did not graduate high school? Compare these data for your district to the averages for the state. Please note: The state average will be the SAME for the house and senate district; however, the actual percent for these two variables will be different for the house and the senate.Scroll down and find the per capita income of your two districts and determine if it is higher or lower than the state’s average. (Be sure to record the specific dollar amounts.) Also, locate the percentage of persons in poverty and compare this percentage to the state average.List the committee assignments for the 87th session for both your State Senator and your State Representative. Provide only the committee assignments for your state lawmakers and NOT the entire list of House and Senate committees created for the 87th session.The written portion of this assignment should include a brief response to each of the items listed above. What I want you to gain from this assignment is the ability to identify your elected lawmakers and how to contact them if you ever wish to do so. In addition, I want you to know something about the personal background of your elected lawmakers, the educational and economic demographics of your legislative districts, and the interests of your State Senator and State Representative as illustrated through their committee assignments.Students may copy/paste information from this web site into a WORD document. There is no minimum word length requirement for this bonus assignment.


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