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For this assignment, each student will analyze an organization with which he or she is familiar (except Amazon or Wal-Mart) or any organization of his or her choosing.  For your chosen organization, write an 1100-1150 word paper where you analyze your organization according to the statements below:

  1. Identify your chosen organization’s core resources and determine if these core resources are core competencies for your organization.
  2. How do core resources become core competencies?
  3. In terms of examining the external environment and internal resources (internal environment) of your chosen organization, determine whether or not your chosen organization has created a competitive advantage with their core competencies. This means that you will discourse on your chosen organization’s external and internal environments to aid you with making the determination as to whether or not a competitive advantage has been created.

(Just because you are giving your opinion does not mean that you give it in the “first or second person”)!

Your paper should be in proper APA format and should follow the Formatting & Writing Styles guide.  Make sure to follow APA formatting style and provide reference(s).  Your paper should also follow the Formatting & Writing Styles guide provided for you.  The assignment should be in an MS Word document in formal report format and should include the following:

  1. Title page
  2. Your title page and the title of your assignment should be Assignment # 1. (It is assumed that the assignment will be in APA Edition format).
  3. New Times Roman font face type and this includes page numbers and headers.
  4. Page number should be in the upper right hand corner of your paper.
  5. 12 pt font type size for every part of your paper and this includes page numbers and headers.
  6. An APA formatted reference page is to be included.  If you use a website link, you should be able to find the author and a publication date.
  7. Your title page should include the- Assignment title, your name, the date, the class and the instructor: Dr. Jimmie S. Warren. (All should be in proper APA format).
  8. (Do not use first person pronouns (I), second person (you), or some third person pronouns (we and our) when writing this assignment. See the Formatting & Writing Styles Guide document.


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