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In this assignment, you will continue your research into different programming paradigms through the evaluation of Structured, Procedural, Functional, and Object_Oriented paradigms. You will be analyzing sequence, selection, and loop, the relational comparison operators, precedence when combining AND and OR operators, and the case structure.  Instructions: Part 1: Research – Programming Paradigms In Unit 1, you researched early programming languages and object-oriented programming(OOP). For this portion of the assignment, research the three programming paradigms listed below. Describe each paradigm and how each differs from OOP. Explain which paradigm you believe to be the best for most programs. • Structured Programming • Procedural Programming • Functional Programming Part 2: Programs – Using Decision Logic Structures: 1. Design a program that asks the user to enter the length and width of two rectangles, Rectangle A and Rectangle B. Calculate the area of the two rectangles and display to the user if Rectangle A has a larger area, or if Rectangle B has the larger area, or if the two areas are equal.  2. The Acme company would like a program that they can use to quickly screen applicants’ qualifications for a job in their anvil factory. A potential employee must have a score of at least 85 on their anvil aptitude test and have a college degree in anvil engineering or have previous anvil factory experience. The CIS216 – Programming Principles Structure and Making Decisions program should enter the aptitude test score, a “Y” or “N” for the college degree, and a “Y” or “N” for previous experience. The program should then display if the applicant should be accepted or rejected based on their qualifications. Note: this program should use logic operators (AND, OR, NOT) as required to create a single conditional statement  3. Write a program that accepts a student’s numerical grade and returns the corresponding letter grade. If a grade less than zero or greater than 100 is entered, the program should display an error message. The program should also use a module to determine the appropriate grade. Letter grades are determined as follows: 0 – 59 F 60 – 69 D 70 – 79 C 80 – 89 B 90 – 100 A 4. Write a program that simulates a vending machine. The price of items in the vending range from $0.05 to $0.95. The vending machine only accepts $1.00 bills. Write a program that accepts the price of an item and calculates the correct change using the least amount of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. If a price is entered that is less than $0.05 or greater than $0.95 should display an error message and the amount of change should not be calculated. 5. Write a program that asks a user to enter two numbers and one of the following letters: A, S, M, or D. If the letter A is entered, the program should add the two numbers. If an S is entered, the program should subtract the two numbers. If an M is entered, the program should multiply the two numbers. If a D is entered, the program should divide the two numbers. The program should then display the results. If the user enters any letter besides A, S, M, or D, the program should display an invalid option error message. If the user enters D and a zero for the second number, the program should display a cannot divide by zero error message. The program should use the case structure to determine the correct action to be taken given the user’s input.


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