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Discussion questions

Instructions: 250 words per discussion. At least 1 outside reference

Module 4 Discussion

In the recent past, businesses contracted with countless suppliers to boost competition between suppliers and reduce costs. However, the buyer-supplier relationship was price-based. Describe five to seven methods to reduce a supplier base?

Module 5 Discussion

A vast majority of raw materials are delivered from varied global vendor locations to manufacturing sites in other regions. What are some general limitations of a supplier’s operational management in the global environment?

Module 6 Discussion

Researchers have found that positive partnerships have a lasting effect on the agreements of long-term contracts. Meaning buyers and sellers agree to more complete and complex contract agreements. Describe other variables that may impact contract selection for a business?

Module 7 Discussion

Sometimes suppliers will not share cost data outright. As the purchaser you will have to utilize reverse price analysis, describe the formula and when would you use it?

Module 8 Discussion

A number of businesses and citizens offer healthcare goods for the betterment of our world. Why must humanitarian organizations guarantee that every single purchase is completed in a translucent way?


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