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Supporting your voice – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by

This assignment asks you to write a research paper based upon either a discipline focused chapter in the textbook (those from 14-18 ), or based upon one of the thematic units (xxxix-xlvii ). The chapter/unit suggests a question that you should turn into your own question, to which you’ll develop an answer. Imagine your essay as one that would also be included in the chapter or thematic unit you select, even though your essay will be in a more traditional academic format than most of the pieces we have read.
Your thesis will form a specific answer to that question in terms of the topic or issue you are writing about, refined, in your own words, that makes a claim of value or policy. 
Your essay will develop your thesis (claim) via paragraphs that assert smaller claims of all sorts (fact, value, and policy is a classification of claims we have worked with – keep these in mind) in order to clearly delineate your reasoning. The templates (“Sentence Guides for Writers”) at the back of our textbook will also be extremely useful.
Your essay must use at least one reading from the chapter or unit you select that we have NOT read for class as a source for your essay. You may refer to other readings in the chapter/unit for additional support and reference. Excluded is Sherry Turkle’s “Growing Up Tethered.” Do not use this piece as a source.
Your essay must use at least two sources from OCC databases.
Your essay should argue your own point of view, in dialogue with your sources as means of information, support, and opposing arguments.  Your essay should guide the reader toward an understanding of the issue you are writing about, and develop (a) claims that ultimately assert a clearly  reasoned and nuanced point of view that recognizes the specific complexities of the issue at hand.

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