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Tattletales Discussion – unicorp essays

Part A) Please read the following memoir, “Tattletales by Tanqueray,” by a woman named Stephanie. It is quite long, so you’re welcome to skim and skip around, but please read sections 22-29 closely. I also highly recommend reading it all when you have the time. Just this past week, this story was posted by the popular blog Humans of New York in 32 installments, along with photographs of the author/speaker, her friends and peers, and her life. Each installment is about the maximum length of an Instagram caption, so they’re not too long. And it’s a fun story. To see the rest of the accompanying photographs, please visit or Part B) Answer ONE of the following discussion questions on Canvas in about 100-200 words: Why does Stephanie conceive of “Tanqueray” as separate from “Stephanie,” especially in section 28? What does that mean to you? Who is Stephanie? Who is Tanqueray? Do you think they are the same or different? Why? How does Stephanie construct a narrative in this story? Name an inciting incident, a climax, and a resolution in the story. What is her goal and what is her conflict in that aspect of the story? What did this story make you feel as a reader? How did the storyteller achieve that effect? What moments had the most tension? Why? What imagery or moments were most interesting or impactful to you? Part C) Please respond to THREE of your classmates’ discussion posts before our next class. Did you agree or disagree with them? What was the most interesting part of their response? What questions do you have for them?

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