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Team Building – unicorp essays

Instructions: Read the description of the following team meeting at Quest Specialty Travel. This team is working on a project to offer more tours that are accessible for low-mobility travelers. List the characteristics of the team, and then identify whether it is a high-performing team.
Members of the Accessibility Travel team: 
• Alan, team leader
• Tanya, team member working on accessible transportation
• Jennifer, team member working on promotion
• Kirk, team member working on updating brochures and other printed materials
• Edith, team member assisting where needed
The goal of the team meeting is to plan how to upgrade the North American tours so they include options for low-mobility travelers. When inviting people to the team, Alan selected people that had been successful in other groups at Quest Specialty Travel. Although Tanya is usually quiet, she starts the meeting by reporting on her progress with bus and van companies. Edith, who is an outgoing, active member of the team, offers to help Tanya write descriptions of the transportation services. Kirk will take these descriptions and add them to the brochures for Quest North American tours. Jennifer needs to know whether the companies meet the federal guidelines for accessible transportation. Alan will contact the company attorney to make sure that they do. He thanks each member for their contributions.
List the characteristics of the Accessibility Travel team. Are they a high-performing team?

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