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Tesla module 2 & 3 Mgt 434 – unicorp essays


Tesla project/ reliable sources from 2019, 2020, 2021

Provide a narrative (3 paragraphs) of the companys compensation practices and benefits package based on a variety of researched documents and articles

Using David Ulrichs HR Competency Model, evaluate the organizations effectiveness in each of the competencies based on data produced by the company and external resources.


Students will develop a Mini recruitment and selection plan for an actual organization. This project is to create experiential learning and application of course material. The student will function as a human resources consultant to build competence in preparing recruitment and selection plans for an organization, with the outcome of a formal presentation. 
The suggested organization must be publicly held and therefore, easy to access for information and resources.  It is strongly encouraged that the student immerses themselves in the organization, as the consultant and as an extension of the organization, critically reviewing the organization culture, structure and design, and other norms that set the strategy and tone for recruiting candidates, especially for organization and position fit.


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