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The Atlantic World Slave System


24Feb 2022 by
References: Be sure to fully and conscientiously reference where you got your information and ideas from, including your textbooks. (You do not need to cite lectures.) For help with citations, see sights citations Research: For your essays, you are strongly encouraged to conduct research beyond the assigned readings. There is no fixed number of additional sources you need to find, but look for any materials that will help you place the primary sources into their historical context. To get you started on finding resources, see Be sure to critically assess the reliability of materials you find, especially when it comes to online resources. For guidance on evaluating sources, see his 1920 essay The Souls of White Folk, the scholar W.E.B. Du Bois described slavery as a hybrid of capitalism and racism: The using of men for the benefit of masters is no new invention of modern Europe. It is quite as old as the world. But Europe proposed to apply it on a scale and with an elaborateness of detail of which no former world ever dreamed. The imperial width of the thing,its heaven defying audacitymakes its modern new ness. Stephanie Smallwoods Saltwater Slavery likewise highlights the joint processes of capitalism and racism that transformed human beings into the commodities of the Atlantic slave trade. How did these processes of commodification work, both practically and ideologically? Focus your answer on either the African coast, or the slave ship, or North Americas slave markets.


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