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The author presents a unique essay title in addition to all APA formatted e


The author presents a unique essay title in addition to all APA formatted elements.

Reference page is flawless.

The introductory paragraph presents a creative, out of the box hook that is broad, but that connects to the topic at hand and seamlessly transitions to the thesis using effective connecting information.

The thesis statement is presented with concise, carefully-chosen wording to convey all necessary elements. The thesis is flawlessly presented with an engaging point.

The author’s reasons (claims) are thoughtful and carefully worded, in a logical organization, to precisely and effectively tie ideas to the thesis statement.

Precise wording is used to present an alternate claim. The content is presented using transitions, effective support, as well as explanations.

A clear transition is used to refute the counterclaim. Evidence is carefully selected, and explanations are thoroughly presented with a concluding statement.

In-text citations are consistent across all used evidence in the essay.

Multiple pieces of evidence are effectively used in each body paragraph.

Development is thoughtfully used with transitions from idea to idea within the paragraphs thereby helping each element to support the other in each paragraph.

Using precise language, the conclusion begins with a restated thesis that contains the same content ideas as the original thesis but conveys them with new wording. In addition, it contains synthesized information from the essay body and answers the question “So what?” at the end of the paragraph, or presents an action plan for the reader.


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