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The Blood Type Diet improves your health:


The Blood Type Diet improves your health: you’ve conducted your investigation, compose an assignment post which addresses the following:a. State the topic you picked and whether you deem it’s claims to be psuedoscience or based on scholarly science. Also, clearly state your conclusion in your post’s title.b. Whether you deem the claim as scientific or psuedoscientific, your conclusion must be supported by at least one scholarly reference in addition to any course material you cite. Could you find a scholarly article that backed the Claimant’s assertions?  If not, find one that refutes the claim, or in some way relates to a denial of that claim.If you found an article backing the claim, evaluate whether this scholarly article validates all the claims being made or just some of them.If you failed to find an article backing the claim, what scholarly article did you find on the subject? In what ways does it refute the claim(s) being made? Does the Claimant overstate or misrepresent the scientific facts? If there is some scientific basis for their claims, what is it?c. Your evaluation should be 300- 400 words and cannot include any direct quotes. Summarize your findings for us in your own words (and see the warning in our Syllabus about use of direct quotations generally in discussion posts and papers!).  Reference and cite your sources appropriately.  Label your answers as a., b., c., etc. so we can all follow more easily.Please see this UMGC’s Library link if you need help with web and library searches: Google Scholar is also a good way to find peer-reviewed scholarly articles, but be aware that some results of a Google Scholar search will not be scholarly.  Some will also require a fee to access but please don’t ever pay for articles for this class! There are many acceptable and free resources available through the UMGC library.To obtain full credit you need to compose a substantial post that cont


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