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The following is the professors instructions to the paper: Use what


The following is the professors instructions to the paper:Use what you learned in the course to write a reflection paper discussing interpersonal communication skills you have acquired and the impact they have made or will make on your personal, academic, social, professional, and intimate communication and relationships. Paper must be a minimum of three pages typed (Times New Roman, 12 fonts, one inch margins). The textbook used for the class was “Looking out, Looking in” by Ronald B. AdlerPlease single space paper, only double space when starting a new paragraph. PAPERS THAT ARE DOUBLE-SPACED WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC 0.YOU MUST USE 10 terms from the text from a variety of chapters. Please bold and underline the terms.I have chosen the terms to be used in the paper along with the definition as stated in the textbook to help give context. The terms are:1. Perception Checking: a three part method for verifying the accuracy of interpretations.2. fallacy Of catastrophic expectations: irrational belief that the worst possible outcome will probably occur3. Powerless speech mannerisms: ways of speaking that may reduce perceptions of a communicators power.4. questioning: a listening response in which the receiver seeks additional info from the sender.5. Mindless Listening: reacting to others messages automatically and routinely w/o much mental investment.6. Paraphrasing: restating a speakers thoughts or feelings in the listeners own regards to maintaining interpersonal relationships:7. positivity: keeping the relational climate polite and upbeat and also avoiding criticism8. openness: talking directly about the nature of the relationship and disclosing your personal needs and concerns9. assurances: letting the other person know – both verbally and non verbally – that he or she matters to you and that you are committed to the relationship10. social networks: being invested in each others friends, family and loved ones.I am a pretty introverted and reserved person, so the skills learned in this course could greatly help me maintain the relationships I do have. I tend to have social anxiety when in large groups of people and like to stick with my small inner circle of friends. I am studying to be a radiologic technologist, so learning interpersonal communication skills is key to succeed in the d Hopefully this info helps.


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