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the governance of Thomson Reuters Corporation – unicorp essays


22Jan 2022 by

Thomson Reuters Corporation
How does the governance of this company compare with thisweeks readings?
Make sure to include board composition as well ascompensation practice.
In your answer, make sure to reference news stories,articles, and web sites appropriately.
There are many areas of governance, but perhaps the ones thateffect companies the most are the election of the board of directorswho aremeant to represent the shareholdersand the boards selection, compensation,and monitoring of the CEO. The structure of corporate boards has come under alot of scrutiny recently. The makeup of the board can have a large influence onhow well it operates. Choosing diverse boards, with members who have thenecessary experience and skills (including finance and risk management) and areindependent of the management of the company is the new way forward. Choosingand compensating the CEO is one of the key challenges for the board. Generally,we want to make sure that the CEO not only has the skills, but also incentivesto align their interests with those of the shareholders. This can be attemptedusing salaries, bonuses, stock options (or just stock) or a range of othertools, but the results are not always what shareholders or other stakeholderswould like. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics are also growingin importance to large shareholders and some of the largest pension funds inthe world such as CalPERS and the Canada Pension Plan, for example.


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