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The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?”


The prompt for the essay is “The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?”
Requirements: It has to be mainly on how I fixed the problem instead of the problem itself.
The issues I faced include– My Father, with who I hadn’t had a good relationship with for a long time, had decided that his selfish desire to leave were more important than my family and me– Background on Father; He is old school (parenting) and spent most of his time at home as a drunk and provided little to no financial support to my mother– I was also hit pretty hard when I was going through a subject of medical examinations for a medical condition that I was thought to have; these examinations went on for the duration of my sophomore year; I was afraid and anxious because I didn’t know what conditions I was going to be diagnosed with– I was ultimately assumed to have neurofibromatosis but later found out with genetic testing that I didn’t have the condition– I experienced and saw the decline of the mental health of my mother; my Mom’s mental health deteriorated when my father decided to leave; she had to get another job to be able to provide for my brother and me; she struggled during this period and seeing it was not very good– After all of this, I still had to go to school and maintain good grades with high and some college-level coursesThe Solutions I Had
– The first problem I faced was my father leaving my family and me; I was struck because of this; even though I didn’t have a “good” relationship with him, it hurt seeing someone supposed to be there for you leave like that. I didn’t have a solution. What could I have done… I just continued my life as usual as nothing happened. I was driven to focus on my school work because of the requirements of the college-level courses. Mrs. Hall, my English teacher at the time, dedicated Fridays to teach several college-level methods such as how to read papers properly, take notes, have strong essay writing skills, have excellent time management skills, and how to relieve stress. All these teachings were putting me on the right path to achieve my goal (improving work ethic)– After, this my pediatrician suggested that I get a medical examination at the Children’s National Hospital in D.C; I was confused during this time, sort of in a disbelief state for a while. I just started to get over the left of my father and was hit head-on with this; my solution at the time was to “put on a mask” I presented myself to others as a happy and educationally motivated person; no one would have known what I was going through unless they were my direct family. I still tried to continue the everyday life of a high school student and tried to improve my educational efforts stillMy Mom decided I had to seek a therapist, and I was recommended to seek a therapist by my mother after my father had left because I had a negative perception of it, so I argued with my mother to not go. But this time, my mother didn’t care for my wishes and enrolled me to do therapy on Mondays and Thursdays.- After about a Month, The doctors made a conclusive assumption that I had neurofibromatosis; I finally “broke”; I wasn’t able to hide my emotions and what I had been carrying on my back for so long.– Therapy helped me a lot; it helped me get a lot of my chest and helped clear my mind of all the issues I was going through– After therapy, I continued to improve my work ethic and learned to practice healthy Mental practicesWhat I Learned
– I learned that seeking help is the best option to go to when you are going through something, and I also learned that my original method of trying to get through my issues was very unhealthy
A general timeline of events
– Leaving of my father– denying that I go to therapy– decline of mothers mental– school starts, Learned methods on how to improve work ethics, solution – none– school counties, finding success in methods-Doctor recommends medical examination– using same solution – Nothing (going about my days)– Get a conclusive assumption diagnosis– go to therapy– get several things off my chest, learn several psychological methods that can relieve my stress, and take my mind off my struggles– continue my therapy and take gradual steps to improve– Fully “back” to “normal” and started working on improving my work ethic-learned what I did was unhealthy and that seeking help is the best option


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