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The negative impact of mishandling customer complaints in the food industry – unicorp essays


Please read the feedback and adjust as follows:

The instruments must be revised to ensure questions are not biased. You appear to guide customers to specific outcomes. Instead, ask about experiences/stories about what led to the complaint, how they handled the complaint, how the employee reacted to the complaint, and how the customer would recommend improving the complaint resolution process and improve the factors that led to the complaint.
Chapter 1 has several pages of literature review. Chapter 2 is disjointed, has two Literature Review titles, and is missing the Method and Design Literature section. Chapter 3 needs much more in terms of content and specific processes. There are 4 sampling section headings and it still does not connect to each of the three subpopulations: employees, leaders, customers. The instruments need significant update to be qualitative and to answer the (recommended) RQs.  

RQ1: What are the factors that influence customer complaints at Waffle House?  

RQ2: How can these factors be incorporated to improve the customer complaint resolution process at Waffle House?  


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