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The Psychological effects Sexual Harassment in the workplace – unicorp essays

15Jan 2022 by

Write a five page, APA Style paper on The Psychological Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Papers are to be in APA format, which includes:

A running header with page number
Cover page has your name, instructor, course name, and date
Paper is double spaced with one inch margins on all sides. There shouldnt be any extra spaces in between paragraphs.
Times New Roman 12 point font
Have all excessive lines been deleted
Do you have five full pages excluding the cover page and reference page?

Writing the Paper

The paper should be paraphrased with proper APA in-text citations. There shouldnt be any quotations used at all.
The paper should have more than four scholarly sources. Remember, no personal experiences or interviews.
Write in the 3rd person (e.g., no Is).
Did you correct any grammar, spelling, or factual errors?
Did you avoid using any slang or words such as: it, things, get, got, a lot, etc.?
Do not begin a sentence with But, And, or Or.
Has your paper been reviewed by someone at least once?
Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that is supported by cited information in the paragraph.
Are there solid transitions from one paragraph to the next?

Structure of the Paper
Introduction (approximately one page)

Introduce the subject in the introduction by discussing the history and background as well as define all of the operational definitions.
Include a thesis statement  again  in the last paragraph of the introduction.

Body of the Paper

Each paragraph should support or explain the original thesis statement.
Use headers to organize paragraphs into sections (if needed).
Include why the topic is important to me. (This topic is important to me becuase so many people both men and women are     exposed to this unfair behavior. More light needs to be shed on this topic.

Concluding Paragraph

Reiterate your thesis statement and summary of your arguments or points made in the paper.

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