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The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison,


After reading the Introduction and Chapter 1 of The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison, please address the following two questions:According to the authors of the reading, what excuses have been given for our inability to reduce the amount of crime we have? How do we evaluate these excuses?According to the authors of the reading, what does it mean to say that “the criminal justice system is ‘designed to fail” and that “crime is functional for society”?therefore discuss the authors perspective on both questions – not your personal perspective.Title Page: Should include the name of the assignment, our class info and your name.Paper Length: To adequately address each question, students usually submit 1-2 double spaced pages of content for each question (the Title and Reference Pages are separate) – you may exceed the page limit if you need.Font: Times Roman 12Line Spacing: Everything must be double-spacedStyle: Use the American Psychological Association manual for formatting (e.g., references, citations, quotes, tables, page layout)Quotes: Only 1 short quote is allowed throughout the entire paper. Quotes are single spaced.Citations: Everything must be appropriately cited in the text and in the Reference section. (This section should not be called “works cited” or Bibliography)Spelling: Spelling errors will result in a deduction of pointsGrammar: Poor grammar will result in a deduction of pointsReferences-All references must be put in the Reference section-All references in the Reference section must be used in the paper-References from academic journals, reports and government sources are highly recommended


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