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The Social and Economic Rights Action Center and the Center for Economic and Social Rights v. Nigeria [The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights]


Critique & Respond Paper: What do I expect from a paper that critiques and responds? At a minimum, must summarize the reading–case law or judicial opinion–and demonstrate an understanding of the text and its relevance to human rights, law, and culture. Then, must offer a critique of the text in an original, coherent, and organized way. The best papers will critically analyze a single case, not simply regurgitate the information. The easiest way to do this is to re-read what you wrote for the summary–your demonstration of understanding–and then ask yourself whether or not you agree with the arguments you explained and why. Base your analysis on facts (not simply your opinion). Consider the deeper, underlying assumptions put forward in the text. These are usually unstated and implicit. A good way of getting at these deeper assumptions is by figuring out the judges’ approach or reasoning. Include a paragraph describing your own underlying (deeper) assumptions (but remember this is an academic paper, not a journal entry or blog post)–your assumptions should articulate your original critique of the case and its outcome.Select ONE case or judicial opinion of your choice, assigned in this class between. You must critique a case. Do NOT write on the UN History article or Mutua’s article. The challenge and goal of a critique and respond paper is to deeply analyze the arguments in the case you select and engage those arguments in a critical way. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE MATERIALS (your citations should be to the case you are analyzing and, if needed, the UN legal convention on-topic). The assignment requires you to focus your critique on one case, if you bring in outside material unnecessarily you will lose points for avoiding the directives of this writing assignment.We will be using the following document for this paper…The Social and Economic Rights Action Center and the Center for Economic and Social Rights v. Nigeria [The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights]If you are unsure of what a critique is, please use this link for a detailed explanation and step by step instructions for writing a critique: to an external site.)Details: Your critique and respond paper should be no longer than 5 pages (not including citation information), double spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1 inch margins. You must include a title at the top of the paper. You must provide APA, MLA, Blue Book, or Chicago citations for all material quoted or relied upon—either in-text or footnote formatted citations are acceptable and must be included in addition to a bibliography at the end of the document (both are required). You must provide exact page number (AKA “pin cites”) for all citations, no matter the style. Papers should be uploaded by the deadline to Canvas in .docx form so that I can leave edits and comments in “Review.” No PDF or google documents will be accepted.You must provide citation to everything that is not your own thoughts. You must also properly conform your citations to a given style; if you need help, please use the following links to guide formatting citations:


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