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The unlikely story of a sex trafficking survivor and the Instagram account that save her life


The first article that im going to talk about named “The unlikely story of a sex trafficking survivor and the Instagram account that save her life.” Megan was a sex trafficking survivor who experienced and went through a lot of hard time during her time being a prostitute. She started off explaining 3 types of pimps which are:

First type is called a boyfriend pimp. it is the type of pimp who acts like a boyfriend and tricks those women with the beautiful future and promises of good life. It is the type that women fell in love with until the abuse becomes too bad to bear, and the boyfriend pimp flip out whenever those women tried to escape.

Second type is called a CEO pimp, it is the type that the pimp works the women to exhaustion with promises of modeling fame. There are also choosing fee and leaving fee.

And the last type is called a gorilla type which the women meet at the bar and those women are drugged, kidnapped, and raped.

Megan was Colorado. She was a good student with scholarship. Her plan changed at age 18 where she got pregnant with the co-worker, and the marriage fell apart after a second child. She then moved to Denver with her kids to start a new life as a teacher’s assistant. However, the money that she got from being a teacher’s assistant can’t cover her expenses. Then her friend suggested her a website called “SeekingArrangement” which claims to be a website that people who don’t want a committed long-term relationship, just simply go to date with rich men in a nice restaurant or in the other word is called “sugarbaby”. Money and gift exchange for going on date. After she joined the website, and it didn’t work out. She then found a boyfriend pimp when she was pumping gas at the gas station. He promised of long-life unity and Megan even tattoo his name on her arm as a mark of loyalty. He found out that Megan used to be on seekingarrangment website once before and he persuades megan to sugar again. The arrangement continued for 2 years until Megan cant no longer bear this boyfriend pimp’s violence. She moved her kids at the middle of the night and even reported to the police, yet there was nothing able to help her ran away from him since he can track megan no matter where megan goes. He would pay for her shopping and saying that he loves her to bring her back to sugar again which she did return. Yet, the last time Megan kicked him out of her life was when he shot 7 bullets into nanny car and threated her that next time would be her nany that would be shot instead of the car. Megan then filed a police report again. Later on megan came to Vegas funded by a regular and was approached by a man in a hummer commenting on her tattoo. Megan states that it was a CEO pimp. Megan told him the situation of her previous pimp, and the ceo pimp asked megan for 5000 dollar choosing fee to live without fear of her ex pimp which she agrees. The ceo pimp then called her ex pimp and said that “she is my property now.” In just one phone call, the ceo pimp can protect megan in the way that police cant even with 10 calls and restraining orders. This proves that criminal justice in America cant do much to help these women and the prostitution isn’t legalized in most of states in America. Polices don’t work seriously when it comes stalking or restraining order. Later on megan started to make an instragram account to contact with fellow prostitutes, but later on became the ceo pimp recuiting tool. He forced megan to post some nasty messages to bring more girls to work like her. Later on megan cant bear tis things anymore and want to have a normal life. She then went back to her hometown in Colorado and started going college again in fianance with full scholarship then continue with a master of sociology. she post a lot of things on her Instagram that she used to use as a prosituition such as therapy, financial aid, and housing opportunity. She successfully helped encouraging her fellow prositutions on Instagram. I think that the prostitution should be legalized to help those women who fell into a victim of these pimps. There are a lot of people who don’t report the crime and in another word is called dark figure of crime which these women are afraid to report it to the police since they believe that it wouldn’t help anything or they are afraid to be killed or stalked. Legalizing it can give a lot of benefits to these women such as protection from pimps, health care benefits, child trafficking, and decrease the rape rate and even benefit the economy.


The second article that im going to talk about is named “Dying to be seen”. It’s about the gofundmescam where Cindy was publicly dying on the internet. There was a third person announced that Cindy was diagnosed as CIDP and created a facebook page named “Help save Cindy’s life.” The facebook page shared a lot of updates on Cindy’s worsen health such as organ failures, gone blind, and nerve damage leaving speech impaired. The Gofundme account was set a goal of 1.2 million US dollar. According from a facebook’s post, One of Cindy’s friend sold his home in order to save Cindy. Shortly after, the donation went up to $126,584 until people started being curious something is odd about her condition that can’t be described, explained, or even meet Cindy in person. Later on, One of Cindy supporter who happened to live nearby, had seen Cindy leaving her apartment. Cindy was neither blind or confined to a wheelchair. In fact, she was walking on her own carrying a basket of laundry. Soon after, Cindy was arrested on one count of defrauding the public over 5000 canadian dollar for faking to be sick in order to profit from crowdfunding efforts. They found out that Cindy never had CIDP and was never dying. She pled guilty to a charge of thef under 5000 with no prior record, was sentenced to two years probation, including mandatory conseling. I think that the criminal justice system should make more sentences to large scale of scaming to profit from gofundmewebsite since a lot of people were willing to help Cindy but what they got from helping her was just a lie. The criminal justice system should pay more attention on the website like gofundmewebsite since there are a lot of people that are facing a tough time or fighting with cancer, need those funds. Cindy’s case can make a lot of people out there afraid to donate money anymore since they don’t know which event is true or a make up story like Cindy’s. The website of gofundme should work together with polices and make sure that there is no more case like Cindy’s again. Also, the website should screen more into individuals who want to create campaign such as proof of id, medical bill or prescription, notarized letter from doctors or anything that can prove that it happens for real in order to eliminate this to happen again.


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