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Theory Research – unicorp essays


Dr. Johnson presents four major influential theories of human development.  In Module 7, you will identify how these theories might relate your own personal development.  In preparation for the Developmental Analysis Paper which will partially analyze these theories in relation to your development, you will choose two theories to begin researching this week.   
Identify two of the four influential theories that Dr. Johnson has presented on and research these theories with more detail.  Use the Moody Library to find resources along with your textbooks to detail the main tenets of the theories and identify any critiques of the theory.  Some questions to consider: 

What does this theory say in regard to relationships?
Is there anything that this theory does not consider that you would consider of importance? 
Does this theory align with biblical teachings? 

This assignment must be 3-4 pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, formatted to current APA standards (in-text citations, headings, references, etc), and submitted through SafeAssign as a Microsoft Word document.  

Reference video link:
two theories we can answer the questions on from the video are 
psychosexual model-freud
psychosocial model-ericson


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