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thomas kyd use and influence by machiavel characters in his play the spanish tragedy


17Feb 2022 by
1)Research papers should be a minimum of 2000 words. In most cases,your paper should focus on one play. Cite a minimum of six sources(at least three of which are peer reviewed critical articles relevantto interpreting your play).
2)Thepaper should not be simply a report of what other critics have said,or a report on a historical topic (like pirates or stagingpractices), however. The heart of this paper is literary (and/ordramaturgical) analysis. You must have a strong central argumentabout the signicance of the play, and support that argument withclose readings of the play’s language. The argument of this papershould be based on close analysis of specific passages andobservations about patterns and structures in the play, bringing inrelevant historical context as needed.
Forthe Proposal and Annotated Bibliography,you need to
selectan issue, pattern, or problem in one or our plays or maximum two ofour plays.
carefullyreread the play and look at the world choice, imagery, structure,repetition, etc. Examine the details of the text, as they arerelevant to your issue and/or pattern.
onceyou have begun to narrow your topic, and have some idea about whatyou want to say, do an MLA search and find out what scholars havesaid about this issue and play. Identify a debate or discussion thatyour paper can contribute to. ***The point is NOT to echo whatothers have said. Instead, you are looking for some sort of “gap”in the scholarship where you can make a contribution. You can makeyour contribution using
closereadings of the play’s language
historicalinformation or other texts (such as the homily of the state ofmatrimony, Hic Mulier and Haec Vir, or the historical documents andtexts in the appendices of our introductions)
theoreticalinsights into how the scholarly conversation has been framed, andwhat may not have been considered.
Theproposalis actually a short paper where you identify the topic andprovisional thesis or the underlying question that your thesis willanswer. In the proposal, positionyourself in a scholarly conversation about your topic, citing aminimum of 3 articles or book chapters as part of this“conversation.” You do not have to cite these sources at length,but you can use them to position your argument, using a “they say-Isay” approach. In addition to these “conversational” sources,you are welcome to cite more sources to fill in historical context orother information.
Forthe annotatedbibliography, list the works you haveconsulted as if they are in a Works Cited list. Additionally, aftereach secondary source, summarize the source in your own words in twoor three sentences. (If an abstract is provided with the article, donot cut and paste that abstract! Summarize the article in your ownwords.) Then, explainhow you respond to this source, or what questions you have about thissource. As Professor Nadeane Trowsemight say, your paper is like a party, and you have invited all ofthese “sources” to the party. Whatis each of the sources contributing to the conversation, and whatquestions do you have about them? Use the “they say/I say”moves.


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