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Topic : Social Conflict Theory instruction on how to write the paper: For purposes of this paper, you should follow the below format. You will need to identify your assigned criminological theory, d


Topic : Social Conflict Theoryinstruction on how to write the paper:  For purposes of this paper, you should follow the below format.  You will need to identify your assigned criminological theory, discuss the relevant research associated with it, and discuss that application of the theory as it relates to public policy and crime prevention.  To avoid repetition of theories, students will be assigned a designated theory for the research assignment.  Your analysis should be broken down into the following sections: 1. Introduction – Briefly present your assigned theory and discuss the relevant research related to its impact on the study of criminal behavior.  (This is similar to the literature review section that you would find in an academic journal.)  Who are the major theorists associated with the theory?  How do they attempt to use the theory to support their hypothesis of crime causation?  What are the basic principles of your assigned theory?  How does your theory differ from those developed by other criminologists?  How long has your theory existed?  What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with the theory’s explanation of crime causation? Can it explain all categories of crime, or is it limited to just one specific type/ category (for example, crimes against persons, property crimes, white collar crimes, etc.)? (Please note: The bulk of your research regarding your assigned theory should be discussed in this section.)2. Application and means of prevention -The second section of the research paper should include examples of direct application of your theory to actual crime policies.  The point of this section is to show how your assigned theory has influences public policies in the areas of law, criminal justice procedures, and/ or correctional punishments or other areas of economic, political or social policies.  In addition, you should discuss how your theory suggests that we (as a society) should attempt to prevent crime?  What should we do with known criminals (for example, punish, rehabilitate, incarcerate, etc.)?  What policy changes does your theory suggest would help to prevent crime if those changes were correctly implemented into criminal justice reform.3. Conclusion – Summarize the key concepts you presented in the paper.  Try to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses associated with your assigned theory as it relates to the study of criminology.  Should the United States use your theory to support future criminal justice reforms?Please remember to include at least three professional journal articles to support your discussion of the research related to your assigned theory.  Your research needs to include content beyond the information discussed in your textbook.  2 pages not double space.  


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