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Transfer/Reflect #1 – unicorp essays


13Jan 2022 by

Transfer/Reflect #1
Your first assignment is to create an essay that explains your current knowledge of writing and reflects on the impact you believe that knowledge will have on your college-level writing.  Many of you will be depending high school educations.  Others will depend on how theyve matured as writers since high school. That education, that knowledge (along with its strengths and weaknesses) will form the foundation of where we begin the semester.
In your essay, please consider what rules youve learned about writing, what rules about writing remain mysterious to you even today, and what writing rules and habits do you believe you will be able to apply to college-level writing.  Additionally, please explain what you believe the purpose of writing is in our world today.  I would also like you to include a paragraph at the end of your essay that explains what you find particularly difficult about writing and/or what frightens you about writing.  

1 full page (12 pt font, typed, double-spaced, set to 1-inch margins Nothing less than a full page is acceptable, so you should be sure there is at least 1 sentence on page #2)
You may write more but not less than the page-length requirement


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