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Transitional/Situational Anxiety – unicorp essays


Chapter Writing Assignments  selected chapters will have writing assignments with fixed due dates.  Assignments will NOT be accepted after due dates. These writing assignments are to be typed, adhere to each length per assignment, double spaced, 1 inch margin, 11 font, include internal citations, title page, and reference page as per APA format.  ALL writing assignments MUST contain at least the textbook as a source, along with any other sources used. 
(1) Chapter 1 Writing Assignment Transitional/Situational Anxiety– The role that situational/transitional anxiety situations can have in heightening ones sense of death anxiety is introduced in this chapter. Ensure that you meet the writing assignment parameters. This assignment should be NO LESS than 500 WORDS. Include citations to the text, a title page, and a reference page.
Identify and discuss an example of a situation in which you have experienced a major transition of 
some sort that resulted in feelings of losssuch as leaving home to go to college, the ending of a 
significant relationship that they had been involved with (friendship, dating), or any other situation 
that fits the definitionand briefly describe the situation, what thoughts or feelings it evoked, and 
how it might, in retrospect, interrelate with the concept of death anxiety.


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