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“Understanding Arguments and Reading Them Critically” in the book Everything’s an Argument.


Please work on this discussion after you have read Chapter 1 titled “Understanding Arguments and Reading Them Critically” in the book Everything’s an Argument. At the end of the chapter, there is a “respond” question that asks readers to analyze the following bumper sticker slogan which reads, “WARNING: Politically Incorrect.” Since we just read an introductory chapter on critical thinking arguments, I think this exercise will be very good practice. Please follow along my directions below:
1. First, in your own words (not a dictionary definition), explain what you think the slogan, Politically Incorrect, means. This should be a few sentences.

2. Second, do some research. Identify one argument that you think is politically incorrect. Make sure to fully contextualize the argument (provide clear background information for all readers to understand it; don’t just assume your classmates already know about the argument). Your explanation of the argument should be a short paragraph.

3. Third, analyze this particular argument that is politically incorrect. While analyzing, you might want to address some or all of these questions: Do you think the argument is strong or legitimate based on the critical thinking features detailed in Chapter 1? Can you defend the argument in spite of its political incorrectness? If yes, then provide one reasonable argument of defense. Do you support this argument being classified as politically incorrect? If yes, then why? If there is controversy surrounding the argument, do you find this controversy just or biased? Explain. Your analysis should be a paragraph in length.


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