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Unit 2 Lesson 2 Assignment 1 Martha Rogers Concept Map


17Feb 2022 by
Read Chapter 12 in the textbook, review the video and websites to prepare for this assignment.Martha Rogers is the theorist of this week’s study.  To organize and demonstrate your knowledge of the theoretical concepts (Unitary Human Being), you are to:
Design a concept map of her theoryStart with her name and a descriptive phrase in the center circle.Branch her concepts or themes out, with details of her theory getting more refined as you move out from the center.Prepare this concept map as if you were writing a study sheet for this theorist, i.e., if you were to take a final exam at the end of the course, and you were allowed to have this one concept map as a resource during your exam, how would you design this to help you prepare for this exam? What needs to be included?
The portfolio part of this assignment is on hold.


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