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Unit 6 Assignment: Electronica – Music as a Cultural Artifact


Unit 6 Assignment: Electronica – Music as a Cultural Artifact – Guided Listening Assignment
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 MUS121 Unit 6 Assignment.pdf MUS121 Unit 6 Assignment.pdf – Alternative Formats (189.396 KB)
 UNIT 6 Assignment Template.pdf UNIT 6 Assignment Template.pdf – Alternative Formats (93.143 KB)

For each week in our course, you will consider music as a cultural artifact and be assigned either a piece of music or a specific musical artist to explore and analyze for the week. This week, you will be listening to music that is considered “electronica.”  As you have read this week, technology moved at a fast pace from the 70s all the way through to the present day. For our guided listening this week, we will be exploring these new technologies. Be sure to read through the entire page, as this particular assignment is formatted slightly different compared to our previous guided listening assignments.  


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