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29Jan 2022 by

Students are to view the videos Identifying a sample andpopulation | Study design | AP Statistics | Khan Academy and Sampling: Simple Random, Convenience, systematic, cluster,stratified

After watching the videos, please investigate the USA Facts Website and using the Explorethe Data section, locate two graphs related to your major field of study. For example:
Nursing Majors: 

Percent of Adults with Obesity 
Life Expectancy in Years

Business Majors: 

Debt Ceiling 
Existing-Home Sales

Psychology or Organizational Behavior Majors: 

Foster Care Population 
Average Number of People in a Family

As an introduction to Inferential Statistics, students shouldprepare and upload a 1-page summary of both the descriptive and inferentialstatistics of this data.  this analysis should include a descriptionof the data, graphs (including type) and make 3 inferences on yourinvestigation for instructor review and feedback. Remember to include the pageof the cited URL with your analysis.  



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