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Using cars move to make an analyzing writing


Find your second article, and do the same exercise for IP2 as you did for IP1, but this time, focus on two new things:
1. Include at least two quotation sandwiches, the way they have been discussed this week.
2. Attempt (especially in the second layer of bread!) a more sophisticated rhetorical analysis of how your authors establish the importance of their work (move 1) and the gap that “must” be filled (move 2). 

Some ways to do this:
-Put the move within the context of the type of contribution the author is making. (This is a sure-fire way to find something more specific.)
-Ask “what do the CARS moves teach me what counts as a valid contribution to knowledge in my discipline?” (This is hard–the “interpretation move.” We’ll be working on revising it next week. Take a stab at it.

Remember: You’re actually practiving thinking and writing skills and generating content for your formal paper right now! As in sports, you most likely will “play like you practice.”

1. Read your library article (or better yet, “scavenge read” it).
2. Skim the assigned reading, “CARS moves tutorial 1.” 
3. Then you’re ready to write your IP1. By both paraphrasing and pulling quotes out of your library article, try to discuss a few CARS 1 and 2 moves the author uses. Write about them in a cohesive forum post. Do they strike you as effective in making the author seem legit? Why or why not? How do these moves make the research seem authoritative (or fail to)?
If you cannot find CARS moves, simply paraphrase and quote a few key take-aways from the article. Be sure you have at least two quotations from your article for us to revise in class.
300 word minimum, leave a “unique link” to your article in your post.

A very similar genre of article on the same topic? 2 examples of case study research? Are the CARS moves the same or no?What interesting differences do you see in strategy? Why do they exist? Big hint: Differences probably have to do with the type of contibution A very different genre of article on the same topic? Case study research versus a literature review: what differences in theCARS moves do you see? What do they tell you about rules for each kindof contribution in your discipline?

I need an article that does X wait, thats cheating! (Nope) For example: I need an article that demonstrates I know the research forMove 1, so I need some similar studies, but with slightly different focus. For example: I need a narrowing Move 1 article and quote For example (for this paper): I need a great article in the same discipline thatprovides an interesting comparison/contrast of CARS moves!

You Already Have What You Need: Follow the Breadccrumbs from your Article 1. Start there: Look up the articles that your IP1 author cites. These are sometimes linkedautomatically in your database (sometimes not) Scavenge Read asking the questions we discussed last time: What kind of genre? What kind of contribution? Scavenge read to get a sense of the CARS Move 1 and 2. Anything stand out? Note: your method and purpose for Scavenge reading will vary based on the researchproject you are working on. These are just scavenge read tips for this research project.

The article one 

The author establish their territory by introducing Capitalism is in crisis. The consensus among politicians, citizens, and even executives themselves-on both sides of the political spectrum and through the world-is, that business just isnt working for the ordinary people.(I am not sure that I can change like that “The author utilizes the move1 to characterizes the capitalism as “crisis” that doesn’t work for the ordinary people”) In this move, Edmans communicates the problems statement, detailing that ordinary people cannot contribute to the establishment of vast business ventures according to perceptions issued by the citizens, politicians, and executive members. The use of this move is explained in the subsequent paragraph, expounding the problem that needs to be solved. The pie chart generally showcases an extraordinary phenomenon that both society and businesses will suffer different kinds of hurt if not making a great connection of, For our society in real-world, nine million Americans lost their jobs and ten million lost their houses as a result of the 2007 financial crisis. As a result of this economic upheaval, managers and shareholders reaped the benefits but ordinary workers’ wages stagnated. 26 billionaires held the same amount of wealth as the world’s 3.8 billion poorest residents in 2018. Essentially, the main argument is that the big corporations are run by big wigs, including the top executives and politicians, at the expense of the people of the lower social stratum.  I suppose that the author is revealing how companies are geared towards maximizing their own gains without focusing on the impacts of their operations on ordinary people.
Edmans shifts attention to move 2 statings, The starting point is to define its purpose-why exists and the role that it plays in the world. (or Edmans boldly claims his purpose playing roles and existence) I think the author is spiking the need for the big companies to consider whether their activities are beneficial to society in any aspect. it’s important to remember that the pie isn’t set in stone and that it can grow. Some CEOs believe that by investing in stakeholders, a company reduces its share of the pie for investors. A study by Guimond is also supportive of the claim that multinational corporations should bring about social value (1). My take on this is that many organizations have incorporated corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their annual reports. Therefore, move 2 of this article exceptionally resolves the selfish gains constructed within large corporations. My affirmation is that all companies should be ingrain CSR, as they pursue their productivity goals.


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