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Valuing Innovations – IS Infrastructure Components


08Feb 2022 by

Use the information in Chapters 1-3 to design the IS infrastructure for your company. In Chapter 3, look at the section headings within “IS Infrastructure Components” to identify the major categories.
Your design must meet your company’s needs, and will include:
The short paragraph about your company that you wrote for the Chapter 2 Valuing Innovations assignment
Each IT/IS component your company will use:
List the component name.Include an actual product name with its priceFor a few products, a price can be estimated (include “est.” next to the price)Describe how the component will connect to other componentsDescribe how the component will be usedExplain why you chose this option rather than its alternatives
A visual illustration of the planStudents have a lot of latitude on the type of illustration (figures 3-16 and 3-10 are good examples; or simply google “network diagram” and follow one of those).The illustration can be drawn by hand.
Useful strategies for approaching this project would include thinking about:
The requirements/needs of the departments and the overall companyThe various components of an information systemThe different types of information systemsThe data and how it flows into, throughout, and out of the company.What data is collected or generated? How is the data collected? Where does the data flow? How does the data become information? What happens to the information?Go through Chapter 3 to see the types of components that need to be includedYou are not responsible for technologies (e.g., switches, firewall, etc.) that are not included in Chapters 1-3).
Here is an example of a component (notice how the example uses Chapters 1-3 material without requiring hours of Internet research or additional learning):
“Component 1: Personal computers for the Sales department
ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 Thin and Light 2-in-1 Laptop $699.99 ( laptop has two direct connections:The laptop will connect to the company network using wireless transmission media. Wireless will also be used to connect to other organization’s networks when sales reps are away from the office.The laptop will also connect to software that is either installed on the laptop or a server.Sales reps will use the laptops for email, web browsing, presentations, and other company-related activities.This client computer was chosen because sales reps require mobility and a device that is effective for business applications and presentations.”
Chapter 3 Components:HardwareSystem SoftwareStorageNetworkingData Centers
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