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Victim Compensation/Restitution Paper – unicorp essays


In your reading associated with this module, you have learned about victim compensation and restitution.  The two terms are completely separate, yet often confused with the other.  This assignment will allow you the opportunity to learn the differences.
Restitution holds offenders partially or fully accountable for the financial losses suffered by the victims of their crimes.  Restitution is typically ordered in both juvenile and criminal courts to compensate victims for out-of-pocket expenses that are the direct result of a crime.  Unlike restitution, victim compensation can occur even if there is no arrest or prosecution and is paid by government organizations such as the Utah Office for Victims of Crime (

Compare and discuss the two terms: victim compensation and restitution.
Defend the rationale behind funding compensation programs.
Justify the denial of benefits to certain types of victims.
Discuss your recommendations to further educate victims of crime as to the resources available to them.


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