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Video Case Study – Quality and Performance – unicorp essays


16Jan 2022 by

You are astudent completing an internship with a local manufacturing company, and theyhave expressed an interest in possibly hiring you after your education has beencompleted.  In order to gauge how yourskillset is so far, they have asked you to evaluate and describe the design andprocesses of four different companies and make recommendations.

Afterevaluating the company, submit an essay that includes a description ofthe company, along with your findings/recommendations of the video case study addressingthe prompts associated with it.  
Week 2: Costco Case Study- Quality andPerformance

Review the 11-minute video discussing Costcos success as acompany published by Company Man. It continues to grow in popularity and that successcan be attributed to some unique strategies.  This video outlines these strategies and attemptsanswer why Costco is so successful.  Submit a 500-word essay that address thefollowing:
       Evaluate and describe Costco in terms of its quality andperformance.
       Make a recommendation on how to improve their processes ordesign.  
       Include three scholary sources(including the video) to justify your findings/recommendations.



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