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Visual Art Assignment – unicorp essays


18Jan 2022 by

Choose one of the following paintings:

Another painting (you have to ok it with me first).

Perform an analysis of the painting that explains the meaning of the painting, paying particular attention to how iconography and symbolism construct the meaning of the painting. You want to think about the following questions:

What kind of symbols are present in the work? Which are the most important symbols and what do they symbolize?
What are the semantic and conceptual associations with the symbols? What meanings to they bring into the work of art?

Think about the symbols in conjunction with the elements of composition in the work, such as colors, shapes, positioning of elements, and mood.

Analyze the composition. How does the composition condition and/or help create the meaning of the painting?
Analyze the color and form. How do color and form contribute to the composition? Do they have emotional weight? Do they have conceptual connotations (is a woman standing with pride, is a head bowed in reverence, etc).
What is the mood of the painting? How did you come to your conclusion?
Other thoughts and analysis. Dont be afraid to use your imagination.


Compose your findings into a 5-6-page essay. This essay should include:

An introduction that explains what exactly you will be doing in your analysis, and what kinds of findings and arguments you will convey to your reader. The introduction should be 1 page long.
The painting. The painting should occupy the second page of your essay. (It doesnt have to take up the whole page, but the painting should be the only thing on the page). Under the painting/visual art, you must include the name of the artist and where you found/retrieved the painting.
Your analytical essay. This should be a refined and edited version of your analysis that explains the painting, as specified above. It should be anywhere from 3-4 pages long.
A conclusion. This conclusion should reiterate the main and most important points of your analysis. It may also include further questions raised by your analysis. Your conclusion should be .5 to 1 page long,


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