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Week 4 Discussion: Chemistry in the World Around Us


Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapters 12, 13
Weekly Concepts

Initial Prompt Instructions
This week, we are studying the ideal gas law. In this discussion, you will be trying your hand at applying one of the ideal gas laws to a real world situation. Consider a situation that involves an ideal gas law and discuss how you would apply your chosen ideal gas law to the situation. Write your own ideal gas law problem based on this situation but DO NOT solve this yourself. A peer will solve the problem you wrote.
Follow-Up Post Instructions
Respond to at least one peer or the instructor. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.
Follow up instructions:
Solve one of your peer’s ideal gas law equations. If you feel that there is not enough information given in their problem to solve the problem, discuss what additional information you would need and why.
Additional follow up possibilities:

While we often do not realize it, acidic and basic solutions are a part of our daily lives. Pick a solution in your home, work, or even outside (be sure to check the label to make sure that whatever you are measuring is nonhazardous and water based). Some possible solutions are shampoos, beverages, still water in your backyard, contact solution, etc.  Research a compound or compounds found in your chosen solution, citing your sources in APA format and predict if the solution would be acidic or basic.
Discuss with your peers the importance of acids and bases in our bodies.


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