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Wellness and You – unicorp essays


14Jan 2022 by

When responding to your peers, select peers who have chosen different dimensions from yours. Compare and contrast your chosen dimension and issue with theirs. What do you like about your peers’ explanations, and what would you add?

Discussion to reply to: 

The three factors I believe would be helpful in improving in someone’s overall health are: 1) setting healthy boundaries in both personal and professional areas, 2) finding positive ways to relieve stress, and 3) increased physical activities.
  Emotional, Physical and Social dimensions of wellness are of the highest importance to me. I have 3 autoimmune diseases that require frequent visits to my physicians, and medication that cause GI issues, so having a strong, trustworthy support system relieves a lot of stress. Maintaining my daily workouts promotes my physical wellness, but also helps with my mental health and starts my days off on a positive note, I definitely see a difference when I skip the gym. To be completely honest, I struggle with emotional wellness, in the last 13 months I went from being on medication for Asthma, and Hashimoto’s Disease, to being on 9 routine medications daily (some are taken twice daily) for the newly diagnosed health issues. This change often leaves me in tears, and I often feel like not taking my medications. My husband is always there to make it better, encouraging and supporting me, we usually end up going for a walk at our favorite park and that time away allows me to reset and cope with what is.  I think it is crucial for people to fully understand that wellness is way more than your physical health, because all of the dimensions of wellness impact your overall wellbeing and health. 

My initial post
Wellness is a critical issue that revolves around several aspects. The emotional dimension of wellness is sometimes overlooked by people, while it usually plays an essential role in ensuring the proper performance of any individual. Being a coach of a high school softball program, emotional wellness is a dimension of wellness that has come to light and the significant effect that it can have on an individual in my line of work. Three vital factors can help people improve their emotional wellness. Reducing or managing stress, accepting loss, and accepting support from people are some of the critical factors that can help improve one’s emotional wellness (NIH, 2021). Some of the challenges people can face regarding emotional wellness are depression, stress, and anxiety.

Reducing or managing stress is a skill that each individual must acquire, which gives them an edge over maintaining their emotional wellness. At some point, each individual is usually faced with stress. Despite stress being significant sometimes, an excess of it leads to critical stress that can damage anyone emotionally, rendering them unstable. Managing stress can be achieved through working out, Yoga, leisure walking, and hobbies. Secondly, accepting loss is vital to ensuring emotional wellness. At some point, each individual is faced with the loss of family, property, or job. Accepting the loss and moving on helps remove the bitterness in between, allowing for emotional stability. Being patient, taking care of yourself, and talking to friends and doctors can help manage stress, hence improving emotional wellness. Thirdly, accepting support from people usually helps improve one’s emotional health. By talking to someone or receiving help from someone, one can find advice and support to change the emotions withheld, thereby improving their emotional wellness. On the other hand, dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the challenges that one must overcome to achieve emotional health.
An event that happened recently in our softball offseason training was a player would be frustrated super-fast and could get emotionally unstable very quickly. Despite talking to her about the behavior to try and help her fix the situation, all efforts were vain. The same behavior would happen again. I tried to do a background check on the player by asking some of the teammates if she had anything that could make her emotionally unstable, but nothing came up. However, I found out that she isn’t getting enough sleep since she proceeded to work after training to help start saving for college. Initially, I had underrated the chances that inadequate sleep over and over again might interfere with emotional wellness, which was proven wrong. The lack of enough sleep hinders the psychological setting of an individual, which interferes with emotional regulation (Palmer & Alfano, 2017). The results make me understand the effect that inadequate sleep can have on the emotional wellness of an individual.

A current issue related to wellness that interested me is the Bajaj auto car company partners with Utah to redefine employees’ health (Gopalan, 2021). The article is interesting since it explains the various methods that the company has used to make the area have a wellness center for the employees. Understanding wellness helps me understand the issue due to the multiple factors that can reduce productivity. By providing a wellness center, the company can tackle boredom, physical and psychological fatigue from the employees. As a result, the employees’ productivity will increase hence the manufacturing process improvement. 


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